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Explore our curated collection of premium coffee beans sourced directly from peru, kenya, and costa rica. Indulge in the rich flavors of peruvian and kenyan coffee, or savor the unique taste of costa rican coffee. Our origin selections are a unique opportunity to roast, brew and taste coffee with the intent to preserve and capture the characteristics of the country and processing at origin. If we were talking about wine, the french have a beautiful word which best describes this sense of place, terrior. Or terr-wah for the phonetics.

That said, coffee and wine have some strong parallels; the best of both worlds only grow in certain regions with certain temperatures and certain soils. Making wine is kinda like roasting, well at least roasting to preserve characteristics of the coffee - ultimately a roaster’s job is not to fuck up all the hard work done at the farm and processing, and i have heard many a winemaker say the same about all the hard work done in their vineyard. 

Again, our intention is to preserve and our hope is that each coffee is the best representation of that farm, and farmer, and picker, and coop, and family who are the real protagonists of this story.

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costa rica tesoros volcanicos shb ep
peru fto grade 1 organic
peru fto grade 1 organic Sale priceFrom $15.00
red bomb
red bomb Sale priceFrom $16.00
the nihilist decaf
the nihilist decaf Sale priceFrom $16.00
kenya mirira farms aa
kenya mirira farms aa Sale priceFrom $18.00
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