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costa rica tesoros volcanicos shb ep

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Costa Rica has a long history with coffee. First planted in the late 1700s, it played a major role in the agricultural economics of the country by the 1820s. Costa Rica has eight main growing regions: Central Valley, West Valley, Guanacaste, Tres Rios, Turrialba, Orosi, Brunca, and Tarrazu. Tesoros Volcanicos was developed to highlight what makes Costa Rican coffee great by blending smallholder lots from various regions.

A blend of caturra and catuai varieties, this lot features the cocoa and caramel notes the West Valley is known for, and low acid, full-bodied and sweet floral notes from Brunca, plus the brilliant citrus from Tarrazu - this is truly Costa Rica in a cup.


  • Origin: costa rica - west valley +  tarrazu regions
  • Process method: washed + dried in the sun 
  • Species: 100% arabica
  • Varieties: caturra + catuai
  • Roast level: medium
  • Cup profile: caramel + milk chocolate + blood orange
costa rica tesoros volcanicos shb ep
costa rica tesoros volcanicos shb ep Sale price$15.00

Hand-sorting in tarrazu - another layer of quality control of sorting the unripe cherries that slipped by the pickers.

Ripe cherries arrive in the truckload from our coop partners in Tarrazu CR.

Finishing a batch of costa rica tesoros volcanicos shb ep in the cooling tray - take note of the even color in the batch.

The costa rica roast profile leans more medium+ with notes for chocolate, blood orange, and caramel.

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