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Our blend program is an intentional endeavor to support the diversity, the vastness and complexity of coffee producing communities, their processing methods, and the cultivars or varieties. 

Each coffee is blended post-roast with this intent to find harmony in a simple form displaying the coffee’s process method, the varietal or cultivar, the soil, and country of origin. Our choice for each blend has its own role to play as well - we prefer washed coffees for a brighter cleaner cup, not as fruity and more coffee character once brewed, while natural processed coffees can be fruitier, a little earthy having a slight fermented component, and somewhat floral. 

Finding this balance takes some time and patience, though we do have a secret weapon, our roaster was a wine professional in a previous career and after 15 years of said professional wine consumption, his palate is rather tuned.

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teachers pet full city roast
teachers pet full city roast Sale priceFrom $17.00
double eagle dark roast
double eagle dark roast Sale priceFrom $17.00
cannonball espresso blend
cannonball espresso blend Sale priceFrom $17.00
dude decaf
dude decaf Sale priceFrom $15.00
mega Sale priceFrom $17.00
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