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50% arabica - a natural process from brazil + medium roast 50% robusta - a washed process from vietnam + dark and oily roast

mega is our bold and balanced blend of a natural process arabica medium roast from brazil, and washed process robusta dark and oily roast from vietnam. we have been big fans of robusta since day one, and with the requests from y’all to offer a darker roast, we chose to embrace the canephora, or more commonly known as, robusta.

mega Sale price$15.00

Harvesting robusta in vietnam - harvest begins in september and can last through december into january.

Brazilian quality control with a little flair.

We chose this blend to balance out the smooth character of natural process arabica to the more bold darker roasted, and twice the caffeine of robusta. Did we already say robusta has 2-3x the caffeine than arabica??

Bold and balanced blend of equal portions - 50% brazil + 50% vietnam robusta.

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