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pour over brewing

Welcome to the art of pour-over brewing, where precision meets passion to create the perfect cup of tubbs coffee - get expert tips on pour over coffee brewing, step-by-step pour over coffee instructions, and the usefulness of pour over cone and filter.

TUBBS-COFFEE-POUR-OVER instructions video
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Gather Your Pour-Over Essentials

Embark on your pour-over journey with the right tools for an exceptional brewing experience. Start with a pour-over cone, essential for guiding the water through the coffee. Use specially designed filters to achieve a clean cup. A burr grinder is key for freshly grinding Tubbs Coffee beans to perfection. Opt for a gooseneck kettle for precise water flow and volume control. Choose your favorite Tubbs Coffee blend, aiming for a 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio. Water at 205°F is ideal, and bottled spring water will enhance the flavor. While not mandatory, a wooden spoon can assist in maintaining purity, and a digital scale is crucial for consistent, repeatable results. Let's brew magic together!

coffee pot with 2 bags of tubbs coffee either side

Your Step-by-Step Pour-Over Guide

1. Preparation: Weigh and grind your coffee using a 1:16 ratio to unlock the full potential of Tubbs Coffee.

2. Filter Rinsing: Gently rinse your filter to eliminate any paper taste, ensuring a pure coffee experience.

3. Brewing Setup: Place your cone and filter atop your mug on the scale. Add the ground coffee and tare your scale for accuracy.

4. The Bloom: Pour 80-100g of water over the grounds and wait for 1 minute. This 'bloom' releases trapped CO2 and preps the grounds for optimal flavor extraction.

5. Consistent Pour: After blooming, add an additional 80g of water. Continue pouring in stages until you reach the desired cup volume.

6. Enjoy: Once the water has filtered through, remove the cone, and indulge in the rich, nuanced flavors of your Tubbs Coffee pour-over brew.

Discover the subtleties and satisfaction of pour-over brewing, where each step is an opportunity to craft a cup that's uniquely yours.

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