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teachers pet full city roast

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Wake up happy with teacher’s pet full city roast, a post-roast blend with the intention to create a consistent, balanced and bold cup without any of the bitterness of a dark roast. 

Full city roast -  a calculated roast profile dropped between first and second cracks that preserves the coffee's origin characteristics and process methods, balanced with structure and sweetness while adding a warming layer of that rich roastedness. 
Enjoy the versatility of teacher’s pet, delicious for various brewing methods, including pour-over, french press, moka pot, espresso, and drip brewing.
  • Origin: americas + indonesia + africa.  A 100% arabica blend is balanced and rich coffee that  the diverse coffee-growing regions and processes. 
  • Process methods: washed 80% + natural 20%
  • Roast level: medium plus
  • Cup profile: milk chocolate + ripe cantaloupe + toffee
teachers pet full city roast
teachers pet full city roast Sale price$15.00

Harvesting in cauca, colombia.

Hand sorting in ethiopia - eyes and hands play a massive role in the final stages of quality control before de-pulping and washing  in yirgacheffe.

Wet-hulled process + parchment still attached: indonesia play a significant role in our blends, most notably the muted acidity and pronounced spice and stewed black fruit on the palate with our current organic selection from sumatra.

Predominantly, we use a washed process colombian bean for our bass notes in the teacher’s pet.

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