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double eagle dark roast

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 A dark roast blend of rich boldness without the bitter, and a bit of an extra kick for those slower mornings with a touch of robusta to compliment the shade grown arabica.

A low acid post roast blend built for the daily drinker - predominantly washed coffees but a small medium-roasted blend of wet hulled processed beans from sumatra are added for a richness and sweet spice without overtaking the bright fruit character of arabica selections.

We intentionally design this post roast blend with 20% robusta for an added boost of caffeine which we roast to a french roast darkness. Did you know that robusta has 3x the caffeine than arabica?.
  • Origin: americas + indonesia + asia. A blend of 80% arabica from the americas and indonesia, and 20% robusta from vietnam - all sustainable farmed and ethically traded.
  • Process methods: washed 40% + wet hulled 20% + natural 40%
  • Roast level: medium + dark
  • Cup profile: bittersweet chocolate + dried cherry + marzipan + truffle


double eagle dark roast
double eagle dark roast Sale price$15.00

Depulping washed coffee in colombia.

Natural process is large portion of this tasty blend.

Quality control is still very important, and mostly by hand sorting.

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