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cannonball espresso blend

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A post roast espresso blend built for the coffee lover who likes to add a little cream and sugar to their morning routine, but still vastly enjoys the taste of an expertly roasted bean. 

We intentionally design this post roast blend with 20% robusta for an added boost of caffeine which we roast to a french roast darkness. Did you know that robusta has 3x the caffeine than arabica? 

Enjoy the versatility of cannonball espresso blend, suitable for various brewing methods, mostly for espresso but also french press, moka pot, and drip brewing.
  • Origin: americas, vietnam, and africa. A blend of 80% arabica from the americas and africa, and 20% robusta from vietnam - all sustainable farmed and ethically traded.
  • Process methods: washed 80% + natural 20%
  • Roast level: medium + dark 
  • Cup profile: fudge + blueberry + chicharron
cannonball espresso blend
cannonball espresso blend Sale price$15.00

Sidama, ethiopia - raised beds + natural process.

Depulping in Colombia.

We blend 20% of robusta which we gives this espresso blend and added boost!

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