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woman picking raw coffee at a farm

Crafting Perfect Harmony in Every Cup

At Tubbs, our blends are more than just a mix of beans; they're a celebration of diversity and complexity from the world's richest coffee-producing communities. Each blend is an artful composition, carefully crafted post-roast to showcase the unique characteristics of its origin – the soil, the varietal, the process. We're selective with our choices: washed coffees for a brighter, cleaner cup, and natural processed coffees for a fruitier, earthy essence. Our blending process is a testament to our patience and precision, guided by the expert palate of our roaster – a former wine professional with a finely-tuned taste for excellence. This dedication ensures that every cup of Tubbs Coffee is a reflection of our commitment to quality and ethical sourcing.

a origin farmer sorting and cleaning dried coffee beans

From Farm to Cup: The Journey of Our Beans

Our origin selections at Tubbs are more than just beans; they are a story of place and people. Inspired by the concept of 'terroir,' we believe in preserving and capturing the unique characteristics of each region. Like the intricate process of winemaking, our coffee roasting is about honoring the hard work at the farm level, ensuring each batch reflects the essence of its origin. Our mission is to bring you coffee that not only tastes exceptional but also pays homage to the farmers, pickers, co-ops, and families – the real heroes behind each bean. In every Tubbs origin selection, you're tasting a piece of the world, responsibly and ethically sourced.

a image of two hands cupping roasted coffee beans

Roasting with Precision and Passion

At Tubbs, roasting is an intricate dance of science and art. Our small direct-fire drum Probat roaster is the heart of our operation, where green beans transform into rich, flavorful coffee. This process is meticulously managed, monitoring every variable to achieve the perfect roast. But it's not just about the technology; it's about respect for the bean's natural qualities. We aim for subtlety and sophistication, avoiding over-roasting to let the coffee's true flavors shine. Each batch takes about 12-13 minutes – a brief but critical period where we bring out the best in every bean. Our approach is simple: we roast coffee we love to drink, ensuring every cup from Tubbs is a testament to our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the pure joy of coffee.

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