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peru fto grade 1 organic

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introducing peru fto grade 1, an exquisite choice medium roast for coffee enthusiasts seeking an exceptional fair-trade organic experience. peru, the global leader in fair-trade organic coffee exports, boasts a unique harvest season from may to november. positioned below the equator, peru's coffee harvest unfolds in the southern hemisphere, gracing the northern hemisphere with its exceptional beans between october and december, making it a cherished winter coffee selection.

distinguished by meticulous handpicking and sun-drying, peru's coffee production spans altitudes of 800 to 2,100 meters above sea level, with an impressive 75% occurring above 1300 meters. the majority of peru's coffee is cultivated by an estimated 150,000 small family farmers, organized into cooperatives ranging from 2,000 members to 7,000 hectares. notably, peruvian small-farmer cooperatives have emerged as the foremost global suppliers of certified fair-trade and organic coffee.

peruvian coffee, grown at varying altitudes, offers a delightful spectrum of flavors. beans from lower altitudes present a subtle sweetness and a smooth blend of nut, floral, and fruity notes with mild acidity. meanwhile, those cultivated at higher elevations showcase brighter acidity, floral aromas, and heightened sweetness.

traditional washing at the farm level and sale on parchment are the hallmarks of peruvian coffee processing. the typica variety dominates, constituting 70%, followed by caturra at 20%, and 10% other varieties. noteworthy for its delicate high notes reminiscent of quality central american coffees, peru fto grade 1 embodies the andes' elevated terrain and cooler climate while maintaining a distinctly south american character. elevate your coffee experience with the exceptional quality and rich profile of peru fto grade 1.

technical details:

region: peru

process: fully washed + dried in the sun on raised beds

varieties: caturra + typica

altitude: 800 - 2100 masl

peru fto grade 1 organic
peru fto grade 1 organic Sale price$15.00

Washed process method - a preferred method of processing in peru where style and resources collide for a cleaner cup.

Drying on raised beds - traditional methods are significant for air mo vbn.

Weathered hands - harvesting coffee is a way of life in peru with an immense amount of physical labor for all in the community, no matter the age.

Medium roast profile.

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