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Mastering the Art and Precision of Coffee Roasting

Where Science Meets Art in Coffee Roasting

In this seriously vast and overly complex industry with 400+ degree ovens plugged into computers and software (thank you cropster) managing charge and drop temps, roasting curves or RoR, and cupping hundreds if not thousands of samples to find a needle in the stack of needles, roasting the coffee is both science and art. The coffee fruit is grown, with the bean or seed harvested, and processed at country of origin, typically by some amazing people, where it's packaged and shipped every season. coffee is seasonal and is not the same for every crop but always nuanced by many variables and usually for the better.

Precision Roasting in Every Batch

We roast in a small direct-fire drum Probat roaster where we can control all the variable to ensure consistency but ultimately, manage the time and temperature for when the green beans turn in color to yellow, and then after about nine minutes, they are browning and start to develop their flavor, their palate, their nuance. From start to finish, this process usually takes about 12-13 minutes.

Crafting Pure Flavor, No Over-Roasting Needed

One last note, we don’t over-roast, and we may likely never have traditional dark roasts like anything roasted over 430. We like to drink a lot of coffee and we don’t put anything in our coffee not that we’re purists or snobs, quite contrary actually, but rather the coffee just tastes so good we can’t find anything that makes it better.

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